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Mobile shredding is now considered the best among all the shredding services available. This is due to the fact that it is the safest and most secure paper shredding method. With mobile shredding, a truck with an onboard shredder goes to your site to destroy all those unneeded official documents that contain confidential information. Given its increasing popularity in the service-oriented industry, there are now plenty of mobile shredding companies that offer shredding services. But before deciding to hire a particular mobile shredding company, there are 5 things that you must consider. Remember, not all of these mobile shredding companies offer equal service quality so be prudent in your decision-making.

1. Compliance Expertise

Paper shredding unwanted confidential documents is not just a security measure for your own business from competitors, but it is also a way of complying with privacy legislation like the Data Protection Act of 1998 in the UK. It is important that the mobile shredding company you will hire has a thorough understanding of compliance requirements needed by your business. They should be known experts in the legislative policies and its developments pertaining to your business and your industry. Through their compliance expertise, they can offer you shredding solutions that will keep you amenable with the existing legislation. This will also serve as an assurance on your part that the mobile shredding company is knowledgeable of the legal conditions involving document destruction or paper shredding.

2. Price

Make sure that the mobile shredding company will give you the least cost but with the highest reward. Look for the most cost effective mobile shredding company for your business. Some of them give a standard fee regardless of bulk. Some have fees per bin to shred. Factors such as these depend on your own paper shredding needs.

3. Recycling

Hire a mobile shredding company that recognizes the importance of saving the environment through good environmental practice. Mobile shredding companies, which are environmentally responsible, send to recycling depots all of the paper they have shredded. By hiring a mobile shredding company that advocates recycling, your company is also saving the environment by means of recycling your waste products. This is also good Corporate Social Responsibility on the part of your company.

4. Availability

When hiring a mobile shredding company, choose one that is available at any hour in any day of the week. You never know when you need to shred those documents. There are other mobile shredding companies who only do their on-site shredding services at a fixed routine schedule, which means that your must-be-disposed-of confidential information will have to wait until the set schedule. This may offer some problems particularly in situations when you need to have those unwanted documents shred as soon as possible.

5. Security

Hire a mobile shredding company known for its security and confidentiality. They must have a good background in those matters since paper shredding is all about destroying confidential information. To determine whether a mobile shredding company practices superb security and confidentiality, observe whether their customer service representatives who go to your site wear a uniform and show their identification cards. They make it a point that they are the only ones handling those documents to be shredded. In other words, custody of the confidential documents is of prime importance to them.

Hence, before you choose a mobile shredding company to destroy your unneeded confidential information, make sure that you have taken into consideration these 5 things. It is your company after all that is at stake here.

By: John C Arkin


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